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Monday July 24, 2017

I was listening to a motivational talk this morning and I reminded myself how I started becoming a business. I knew that I didnt like working in a corporate setting. I knew that getting up in the morning to wear clothes that made me feel uncomfortable just to sit on the phone all day wasn't what I wanted to do with my days and being told when to eat, pee and socialize wasn't my get down. So, even tho my beginnings may seem unorthodox I set out to do what I wanted to do to make some money and feel free. 
I started out selling incense, body oils and hard to find books on the bus and in barber shops. I knew a couple of barbers at the time and they let me set up shop. This only provided pocket money but it was my money and I was offering folks good smelling natural products. 
At one point I invested my money and rented a booth at an indoor swap mart. I went back to NY to visit and ran into a retail store in the village  that sold items that weren't readily available in my city and they were willing to send me items on consignment. I did well at the swap mart. I eventually had to end it because I was a new mom with a small child and child care wasn't available all the time. 
I did work corporate throughout my years to make my ends meet but I was not happy. I was always late. I didn't do my job well and I settled for less. I have to say that you definitely learn about yourself when live your life that if you are honest with yourself you can work yourself right where you need to be in your life.