Divine  Essence

An outlet for artistic expression

Divine began writing poetry at the tender age of 12 and performed her first poem live at age of 17.  After her positive experience of performing live and seeing the impact it made upon others, Divine realized that there was POWER in the SPOKEN WORD and pursued a career in performing and teaching performance arts to youth and adults.Divine is a mother, a poet, transformational activist and motivational speaker.  Her mantra is “Don’t Hold Your Tongue”. Throughout her journey, she has made many accomplishments, which includes, creating rhythmic and soulful music with both domestic and internationally renowned MUSICIANS. And she continues to use musically creative outlets to share her personal experiences with her audience. She’s also designed a Poetic T-SHIRT line called HUMBLE SOL, created to inspire WOMEN,  two poetry CD's, a book of poetry and has starred in a feature length film, written and directed by BIG I PRODUCTIONS called Second Chance https://youtu.be/OfdLAFoVJbE . Divine has recently signed an artist deal with Defected Music Ltd. in London. Divines poetry album is now available on I TUNES called The Bigger Picture . Divine’s latest venture was the opening of a performance space in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona called ENCORE, an outlet for artistic expression. ENCORE served for monthly art gallery shows, discussion panels, open mics, film screenings and even a designated area where she incorporates her skill of hair locking. Encore's doors closed June 2015 so she can focus her energies on her new son, Freedom. Divine continues to create other artistic ventures that will assist her in connecting with the community like her love for photography called PleaseSayCheese Photography.