ENCORE - Poetry Workshop - phoenix, AZ
Divine  -
Don't Hold Your Tongue workshops
are created to inspire and motivate the individual to express themselves verbally through the art of spoken word and or encourage the individual to use there creative gift to express themselves openly.
Positive stuff about this workshop:
" I just received feedback from Ashley Kelly who invited me to teach the group and this was the feedback.."Wanted to let you to know I heard from the teacher today and said the girls were captivated the entire time you were there. That class is notorious for not being interested during speakers and lessons and I knew for a fact you would get them and you did. You have a way with people that is absolutely unreal. Thank you for what you do. You change lives."
"She went through the same thing as me"
"Very inspiring"
"like Divines Enthusiasm"
"The speaker was amazing and influenced me"
"It gave me confidence"
What have you learned?:
"That I can do anything. I want to do and be happy with myself and life"
"I learned a lot and it was very interesting"
"I learned how to be a strong woman and speak properly and effectively"
How will you use this information?:
"To make myself strong over time and to break the cycle"
" will use my writing to write positive things"
"I need to put my gifts to use. I need to speak up a little louder, and walk with my head prouder"
"I will stand up for myself"
Divine has taught workshops for organizations such as
GIRL SCOUTS Phoenix Council - Thank you so much for the work that you do. The girls love you because you get on their level and give them a space to be themselves. We love you at Girl Scouts!- 
Children and Family Services 
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